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Winning Culture @ Rawal Infocom

//Winning Culture @ Rawal Infocom

A Winning Workplace Culture does not happen by chance. Nor can it be forced. For some, it carries the stamp of a strong leader, for others, it’s more of an organizational thing that involves planning and careful nurturing. At Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd., common features of successful workplace culture includes open lines of communication, a clear organizational mission, careful hiring, work-life flexibility and competitive pay and benefits. And not to forget, fun.

The Human Resource department and the Business Heads at Rawal Infocom have taken many initiatives to ensure that above mentioned features are embedded in the fabric of the organization. They have been able to strike an impeccable balance of work and extra curricular activities. Thereby allowing the employees to achieve work-life balance. At Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd. we understand that achieving the right mix is essential for attracting and keeping quality workers and for achieving business goals. Above all, we understand that happy employees tend to be the productive ones.
Welcoming a new employee is more than making a company announcement and a boss assignment. It gives the new employee the best possibility of integrating successfully in the company.We at Rawal Infocom extend a very warm welcome to our newbies. All the employees gather in a huddle in this welcoming ceremony. The new employees introduce themselves followed by cutting of a cake by themselves.

New Joining IT-HRNew Joining Content-Writer

On the occasion of employees’ birthday, a cake and snacks are sponsored by the company and the birthday is celebrated with grandeur. Where everybody from management to team members participate to make it a memorable occasion for our Birthday Bakra/ Birthday Bakri. Yes! This is what our birthday boy or girl is affably called.

Birthday CakeBirthday Decoration Birthday

Rawal Infocom celebrates Diwali the traditional style with grandeur decorating the office with balloons and a beautiful Rangoli. All the staff comes together with the Managing Director to share some great moments together. A pooja is held in the morning followed by distribution of sweets to all the employees.

Diwali CelebrationBirthday

On 28th October 2016 the Team took a break from the rigours of the office work for a light-hearted day and enjoyed lunch together with traditional chit-chats celebrating the treasure of Team-Work!

Birthday DecorationBirthday

The year 2017 was welcomed in great style. The team went for an outing at the Silent Resort. The celebrations had started on the eve of 31st December 2016 itself from the office.

Birthday DecorationBirthday

These events are then documented and posted on the company’s social profile pages. It not only lets the world know about the culture at  Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd. but also is engraved in the internet for us to keep visiting and revisiting these memories and feel nostalgic.

These events and practices have helped the employees to build great chemistry and camaraderie amongst themselves. This is very evident from the teamwork on display during work and the bonhomie during breaks or lunch time, where the teams sit together for their lunch and share the food.

The Human Resource has planned many events for the future course which will be communicated from time to time.