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The role of software tester in an Agile environment, as popularly stated, goes beyond ‘Just Testing’ and logging bugs. It involves essential working as a part of the development team and working closely with the product owner. The tester works with everyone in the team in order to improve and build quality into the product as early as possible. Also, the tester is involved right from the project initiation stage up to when it is closed.



We realize that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of the software development along with coding. Testers lend their expertise in applying testing before the development begins, rather than just during or after development. The testers ensure that the development team is focused on delivering the expected goal for the sprint. Thus, testing and coding are done interactively, building up each feature until it provides enough value to release to production. Ultimately, testers not only detect issues but also prevent them which in turn helps in decreasing the cost and the time consumed in Product Development.

Our company practices Test Driven Development (TDD) technique for testing. This technique involves using automated unit-tests to drive the design of software, that can be run anytime to provide feedback that the software is still working. The concept is to ‘get something working now and perfect it later’. After each test, restructuring of codes is done to improve consistency and similar test is performed again. This process is iterated as many times as necessary until each unit is functioning according to desired specifications.


  • Firstly, the test cases are written by the testers in textual as well as technical form, with respect to the criteria defined in the ‘tickets’ produced by the upper hierarchy.
  • Then, the Developers proceed with the development recognizing the requirements defined in the cases.
  • Any doubts in the cases regarding the development are conveyed and solved with face-to-face communication.  
  • Furthermore, the testers check working of the ‘tickets’; verifying them with ‘zero bugs’, detected during the run.
  • If the testers give a ‘Yes’ to the practical working of the ‘tickets’, then they are sent for reviewing to the upper hierarchy.
  • Else if the ‘ticket’ bears a ‘No’, it is remitted to the Development Team for a greater degree of working towards the product.
  • Thus, our company follows Test Driven Development (TDD) process, where the goals for the testers and developers is the same.