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RContacts goes Alpha for Android!

//RContacts goes Alpha for Android!

Exciting times ahead! Rawal Infocom continues with its journey of firsts. Rawal Infocom’s First Product – RContacts takes its first big step with the release of its ALPHA VERSION on the evening of 20th July, 2017. It was a coming of age event. As a result of deliberations spanning over months, the brainstorming sessions, the many man hours and hard work of various teams – Developers, QAs, Business Analysts, Designers along with numerous iterations gave us Alpha!

As of now, it is in the UAT stage. UAT stands for “User Acceptance Testing.” UAT is a process designed to help ensure products will meet user expectations when they are released. It involves running a product through a series of specific tests that help indicate whether or not the product will meet the needs of its users. RContacts was released on Google Play Store but only available to the employees to test the user functions and provide feedback to the Product Owner, Business Analysts, Quality Assurers and Developers.

As of today there are thirty five users. The feedback of the users has been very positive regarding the feel and design of the application to its functions and usefulness as a solution to its users.

There are a gamut of features in the Alpha version. With it’s Auto Sync system it creates no mess in the phone’s memory. Not just Contacts, the Call logs and SMS are also Auto Synced and shown in a multi-purpose single screen in RContacts, allowing users to navigate effortlessly. As it is an Online phone book directory, it allows the users to view their mates’ RContacts profiles and know them personally and professionally! It allows the users to create their profiles, where they can list their personal and professional contact details and upload their profile picture. The mates and peers in the ‘RContacts’ can rate each other’s profiles, thus increasing the credibility capital of a person.

With so much already seen and many wonderful features still to make their debut, one cannot wait to get their hands on the Beta version which the team is trying to roll out in August 2017.
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