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RContacts BLASTS – OFF!

//RContacts BLASTS – OFF!

The completion of manufacturing the FIRST MVP of RConatcts finally happens! A well thought Application that can be beneficial for every mobile-phone user on this planet is now available in your fist.. How You Ask?

Well, RContacts has blasted off to rescue the contacts of earth! You see, the driving force of the usage of a mobile phone is CONTACTS. Try to imagine your cell phones without any contacts stored in it. How would it be? Like keeping a gadget in your pocket that can show time but no info about the person we are waiting for; play trendy music but no one to share this with; engage in fab games but no one to compete with your score; click selfies but no one to send these pics to! Just like you cannot indulge in the worldly pleasures of social media without a ‘Friends list’, same way you cannot make the most of your cell phones without your ‘Contacts’.

So yeah, it is high time that we stop taking Our Contacts for granted and let RContacts work its magic!

A Normal Phonebook is engaged with multiple data sync so that users can have a better experience, when it comes to managing contacts! Isn’t it? But, if given a thorough glance, it can be observed that every data sync costs a separate Contact Space in your Phonebook and thereby messing-up physically with the latter!

RContacts is an Auto updating Phone book that creates a replica of your default phone book and stores it in cloud-database without physically messing with your phone space, thus operating at an ultra-secured level.

For RContacts, a contact is not just a number to call or SMS; A Contact is a Profile consisting of numbers to call or send an SMS, e-mail addresses to mail, Linked social profile icons, Official Company and Designation, Rating from friends and colleagues that shows authenticity! And guess what? All of this information is saved by your Contacts themselves and not YOU!



Global search of numbers belonging to RContacts database on your fingertips. See Global Search in RContacts

Detailed-data exhibition of every contact allowing you to have a clearer picture of your mates’ info. See Bi-Color Auto Sync in RContacts!

Sync Your Address on Google Maps to let your Contacts reach you with easy navigation without any fuss. Similarly, you can reach your Contacts’ Address location as well. See Address Sharing through RContacts

Gone will be the days of navigating through multiple screens to find and access your different social profiles. Oh Yes! All the social networking icons and messengers will be alive right on RContacts’ profiles. Just click and get teleported. See RContacts nourishes your Social Media

You will be the ultimate master of your profile. You decide what information will be viewed by which Contacts. See Privacy Filters in RContacts

Leverage the ‘RContacts Web Application’ and enjoy more exciting features on your desktop. See Web Version of RContacts


Also, in addition to above;

  • Rate other RContacts users out of 5 stars and let the world know how high you think of them and get ready to get rated by your mates too. Express Honestly and Earn Reputation Proudly.
  • Check out your personal Timeline and Notifications for updates and upcoming events respectively.
  • RContacts will be sorry for lost or damaged phones but You will never have to be sorry for your contacts! RContacts will always have them safe.
  • Any modification in the phonebook will be simultaneously visible in RContacts.

This is just a glimpse of the experience we aim for users to enjoy! An app completely of user, for user and inspired by user-requirements. Leverage all of it and Stay Smart when it comes to managing CONTACTS.

DOWNLOAD RContacts for Android and iOS NOW and experience a smarter Contacts Management System.