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Rawal Infocom Making It’s Mark

//Rawal Infocom Making It’s Mark

The startup ecosystem in India is undergoing a fundamental transformation with entrepreneurship & innovation being primary promoter in job creation and solving everyday problems. A few years ago, there used to be only a trickle of Indian startup success stories such as MakeMyTrip.com and Naukri.com. But now, with successes such as Flipkart, Quickr, Practo, Zomato, Inmobi and many more, the Indian startup ecosystem has indeed come a long way.

At Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd., we have a team of highly dedicated and skilled work force, where the culture and values trickle top down. We evaluate every aspect, from initial research to final product delivery and implementation, so that we can connect with people in smarter and more efficient ways.

When we execute an agile process, we don’t separate the technology practices from the design practices. We view the coding and the building of the digital experiences that we design as just another extension of the design process. That really adds a lot of power in terms of time to market and design fidelity.

Currently, we have deployed Agile SCRUM methodology for software development and testing activities. In near future, we will be trying to transform the agile culture in the entire organization for better business agility. The ever changing business landscape, user preferences and teething problems of any startup organization, makes IT startups a precarious business. Despite these challenges Rawal Infocom has done well since its inception in August 2016.

On 20th July 2017, the Alpha Version of its first MVP of RContacts, was launched for Android platform whereas the iOS version is under development. RContacts is a self-updating  phonebook. It operates securely by creating an exact replica of your Phone Book without creating any physical mess in the phone memory. Other than that, it caters you with various user-friendly features like Bicolour Auto Sync of Contacts, Adding Social Media Accounts, Blocking of Spammers, Rating Your Contacts, Integrated Notifications etc. along with a WEB-VERSION.

The current sentiment in the Indian IT sector is in the blue. The investments to a certain extent have dried up, the investors have become guarded as over 200 such startups shut shop in 2016 causing huge losses to investors. The other reason is U.S & European protectionist policies which has impacted the Indian IT industry in a big way as 65% of business is outsourced from these regions to India.

There are several other internal issues that could eventually lead to the closure of ambitious business models, however industry experts and entrepreneurs have jotted the the below mentioned points to be the main reasons for exiting the market.

  1. Not having the first mover advantage
    Many a times, having the first mover advantage and getting the first set of customers early in the business can leave very little chance for other players to enter the market.
  2. Excessive splurge of moneyThe overflow of funds prompted entrepreneurs to heavily spend on marketing strategies and discounts, which lead to empty pockets when the industry was hit by a dry spell of funding.  Unable to pay basic salaries and carry out operations, lead to these companies being shut eventually.
  3. Disruptive technologyThe market scenario has changed due to disruptive technology or solutions becoming available at much lower prices. Entrepreneurs have to be fast to adapt emerging technologies in the field of Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and adopt the latest CRM-related tools and product design technologies in order to stay ahead in the race.
  4. Initial assumptions gone wrong
    Every startup is based on an assumed business model that’s supposed to work. While building any business model some assumptions are made in terms of cost of sales, servicing, building product, tackling competition and how customers will react to the product or service etc.

Keeping in mind the sentiments and the above mentioned challenges, Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd. keeps treading forward cautiously with a positive outlook due to the management’s vision for the company and sheer confidence  in its FIRST PRODUCT – RContacts.