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‘Product Launch’ is the beginning of the Sales Process and not the end of the Development cycle. Instead of repeatedly forcing new versions of the product, the focus shifts to how to sell the product; regardless of the incremental features added in any given iteration.

Product Management and Marketing & Sales team expertise in the launch of the product. It also depends on the development team to deliver the product with right mix of capabilities and with all the promised features made functional.

Working towards Launching in the company:

The launching of the product is executed in two different stages:

(i) Staging Environment (ii) Production Environment

  • Staging Environment is an environment for testing that exactly resembles to the Production Environment. In other words, it is a complete but an independent copy of the Production Environment, including the database. Staging also provides a true basis for QA testing because it precisely reproduces what is in production. In general words; it is the semi-final stage, where final testing is conducted prior to deployment. Also, it is judged by all the multi-functional teams as well as the Stakeholders and only then it is carried forward to the Production Stage.
  • Production Environment is where the real-time staging of programs run including processes, data, hardware and software needed; is performed. It is also known as ‘live’, particularly for servers, as it is the environment that users directly interact with. It is the most sensitive step for deployment of the product which is either done by deploying new codes (over-writing old ones) directly or by deploying configuration changes (with parallel installation of new version of codes). Also, deploying a new release requires a restart, that is implemented either with an interruption or redundancy in service.