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First Gear

//First Gear

First product, first endeavour, first review, first thought, first impression and there are a lot more FIRSTS that we look forward to with the launch of the FIRST MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT (MVP). The team of Rawal Infocom have been working hard debating on the business value of the product features that will also be smooth for usage. May it be Quality Assurers, Business Analysts or Developers; until and unless they are completely satisfied with their efforts in justifying the product with respect to today’s user needs and grievances, they do not let the product take its shape. They realize that being the first MVP, it will be the heart of the original form of the product and will get activated here in the center of development spiral. Also, this first MVP will in turn energize the upcoming MVPs with additional features and will be the backbone to all that is ahead. Thus, the launch of the product is collaboratively directed with the right objective of being useful for worldwide users.

MVP as defined technically by wikipedia; is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development with just the core features sufficient to deploy the product. Well.. here we are then, with an exact phenomenon putting it in the first gear and slowly releasing the clutch towards deployment. By doing so, we will be able to test our conjectures and hence gain momentum towards the right direction with respect user’s reviews and comforts achieved from the First MVP with a great reduction in the wasted engineering and discussion hours  towards the features that users feel should be discarded. Concluding, marketing will have the equivalent focus so as to make the first MVP reach the early adopters of the product as soon as possible with super positive hopes that it keeps elevating in the graph of Downloads!