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RContacts BLASTS – OFF!

The completion of manufacturing the FIRST MVP of RConatcts finally happens! A well thought Application that can be beneficial for every mobile-phone user on this planet is now available in your fist.. How You Ask? Well, RContacts has blasted off to rescue the contacts of earth! You see, the driving force of the usage of a mobile phone is CONTACTS. Try to imagine your cell phones without any contacts stored

Winning Culture @ Rawal Infocom

A Winning Workplace Culture does not happen by chance. Nor can it be forced. For some, it carries the stamp of a strong leader, for others, it’s more of an organizational thing that involves planning and careful nurturing. At Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd., common features of successful workplace culture includes open lines of communication, a clear organizational mission, careful hiring, work-life flexibility and competitive pay and benefits. And not to forget, fun. The Human Resource


Rawal Infocom Making It’s Mark

The startup ecosystem in India is undergoing a fundamental transformation with entrepreneurship & innovation being primary promoter in job creation and solving everyday problems. A few years ago, there used to be only a trickle of Indian startup success stories such as and But now, with successes such as Flipkart, Quickr, Practo, Zomato, Inmobi and many more, the Indian startup ecosystem has indeed come a long way. At Rawal Infocom Pvt. Ltd., we

RContacts goes Alpha for Android!

Exciting times ahead! Rawal Infocom continues with its journey of firsts. Rawal Infocom’s First Product – RContacts takes its first big step with the release of its ALPHA VERSION on the evening of 20th July, 2017. It was a coming of age event. As a result of deliberations spanning over months, the brainstorming sessions, the many man hours and hard work of various teams – Developers, QAs, Business Analysts, Designers along with