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Who We Are

Rawal Infocom is a brain-child of the third generation of Rawalwasia Group from Surat, Gujarat with an utmost desire to upsurge in the evolving market of ‘Information Technology’ and serve the users qualifying their activities through smartphones as ‘SMARTER’ the right way; defining the rapport of the company aforesaid. Our core purpose is to overcome technological barriers giving convergent solutions to enterprises and individuals of the world regardless of their professional billets.


RAWAL INFOCOM PVT LTD’ is a self – funded venture that sowed its seed in the Infotech sector with humane approach towards technology in the year 2016, and it flourishes progressively attaining optimum utilization of evolving software tools with stable and steadfast innovation. We deliver continuously integrated solutions to surpass expectations of clients ranging from Primary to Secondary and Tertiary sectors.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Availability 24*7
  • Alignment and Upgradation towards Innovation
  • Scalability
  • We visualize growth adopting the fundamentals of Google, become the easiest way of connecting people, create 100 million downloads and become $1 billion company by the end of 2021.
  • Enhancing betterment and expertise excellence in building Smartphone Utility Apps and Enterprise Web Application for synchronizing, storing, retrieving and notifying information in the uttermost secured form.
  • Our focus on the development of the company stays firm on three main perspectives:
    1. Ethical and Skilled Employees
    2. Robust Academic Progress
    3. Consistent Commercial Elevation


RContacts is a Smart Auto-Updating Phone book with an attractive interface that creates a Bi-Color Auto Sync of Contacts creating no physical mess with user’s Phone Memory.

Rcontacts Features
Bi-Color Auto Sync

Auto-Sync takes place with two color interface that displays Phone book data saved by users in BLACK color and RContacts data saved by the Contacts itself in PINE GREEN color which helps users to view genuine information of their Contacts!

Address Sync With Google Maps

Gone are the days when people had to call again and again to know the exact location. Users can Sync their Home or Work Address with Google Maps in Edit mode which then helps their contacts to view the address in Maps itself along with easy Navigation route.

Rate Your Contacts

Users can give 1 to 5 Star Ratings to their Contacts and let the world know what they think about them along with a Comment. Similarly, their Contacts can Rate them as well that can be leveraged by users to boost their Reputation!

Set Privacy Filters

Users can apply Privacy options to their personal information like Additional Phone-Numbers, Email IDs, Addresses, Social Contacts & Events. They can choose what information of their Profile can be viewed by their Contacts.

More Features..

Meet The Squad

We have 30+ dedicated professionals on board in our start-up eco system who are passionately following SCRUM principles to develop best in class and out of the box solutions with a zest incessantly.


The employees are the biggest strength of every company and we extend oneself providing flexible working hours to our pioneers. We encourage an open culture of discussions and appreciation of outstanding works rewarding with performance – based promotions.

These mates perform their best when they see themselves becoming every drop of the
forming ocean; as they are ready to lose their individual identity and become a part of TEAM! And we salute their courage and dedication to produce noticeable results! You know you have it all what it takes to work as a TEAM.. SO JOIN US!

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Check out the Highlights and the Recent Showcases occurring around the intel of the products along with the run – ups from the back – end and front – end teams bestowing some gripping insights of their experiences.

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104, Raghuvir Textile Mall, Aai Mata Road, Behind D.R. World, Parvat Patiya, Surat, GUJ. (India) - 395010
+91 (261) 2705000